Credit Enhancements

We offer credit enhancement services that can improve your credit and get you one step closer to qualifying for the funding that is required for your project.

Proof Of Funds

A Proof of Funds is a financial document and cash asset that proves a party has the capability and funds to complete their side of a transaction. This financial document is most often provided in the form of a bank, security, or custody document for a specific transaction. The Proof of Funds letter assists the selling or lending party with confidence there are cash funds available, that they are obtainable and legitimate.

RWA Letter

A Ready Willing and Able Letter (RWA Letter) is a bank instrument that verifiy’s a bank or financial institution is Ready Willing and Able (RWA) to proceed on behalf of a client in any number of various financial transactions. An RWA Letter is usually sent from a buyer’s bank to the seller’s bank and is commonly sent together with a SWIFT MT-799.

Bank Guarantees

A bank guarantee or BG is a pledge by a bank to make good on someone’s debt in the event that he or she cannot pay it. Bank guarantees are similar to the bank standing as a cosigner on a transaction; in the event that the original party cannot follow through, the bank can be called upon to provide the payment to complete the transaction. Many banks provide bank guarantees as a service to their clients for the purpose of facilitating large business transactions and deals.

Documentary Letter of Credit

A Documentary Letter of Credit is a written obligation on the part of the bank to pay a specific amount subject to meeting of the conditions of the letter of credit stipulated by the buyer. With a DLC, the bank assumes an irrevocable obligation towards the seller on the basis of request by the buyer.

Foreign Bank Guarantee

A bank guarantee is a guarantee obligation issued by the bank on behalf of a company for the benefit of a domestic or foreign beneficiary. The bank acts as a guarantor and therefore assumes financial liability. A Foreign Bank Guarantee refers specifically to a bank guarantee that has a foreign beneficiary. In the case of a bank guarantee that is associated with foreign trade, the beneficiary is a company’s overseas contract partner.

Structured Finance

These days it is more difficult to define because Structured Finance groups vary greatly depending on the size and location of the bank so you can’t apply an exact set definition like you could for other form of finance. Basically the term “Structured Finance” is a reference to multiple products and concepts including Fixed Income products, mortgage-backed securities (MBS), and asset-backed securities (ABS).

Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial bridge loans from HARVEST FINANCE enable you to have access to short-term funds that bridge cash flow timing gaps allowing you or your company to execute an interim task or transaction.

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