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We Take Honesty, Ethics And Fair Dealing In Financing Very Seriously

About Harvest Finance

We, HARVEST FINANCE consult companies in securing financial facilities for their different type of financial requirements. HARVEST FINANCE can arrange a complete range of financial products and financial solutions for our clients including WORKING CAPITAL, OVER DRAFT, TERM LOAN, INVOICE DISCOUNTING, LETTER OF CREDIT, PROJECT FINANCING, RETAIL ASSETS PRODUCTS, CORPORATE FINANCING, PROMOTER FUNDING and OTHER FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS etc. We provide value-added services by structuring facilities specifically tailored to suit client requirements, negotiating for pricing, providing our expertise on collateral structuring, and educating our clients on the best solutions available for them in the market.

Our in- house Risk team analyzes each client proposal internally to ascertain its credit quality. HARVEST FINANCE assured that we are dealing with clients that are fundamentally strong and have to potential to grow. HARVEST FINANCE has strong relationship with banks built over a period of time. We have good contacts with high performing bank officers to ensure a positive outcome on our client proposal.

HARVEST FINANCE manages the entire process of securing facilities on behalf of our clients from start to finish, including co-ordination with the bank and private financiers. HARVEST FINANCE ensures quick turn-around times on our proposals. We are experts at what we are do, which means our clients can leave their financial requirements in our hands while they can devote their time to their core business.

About Us

HARVEST FINANCE started financial consultancy in 1982, under the name of HARVEST SHROFF and started financial activities to lend money to tobacco farmers and tobacco merchant in Gujarat. Today we have expanded in to various fields like home loans, Personal Loans, Mortgage loans, project finance, working capital, over draft, Term loans, Invoice Discounting, Letter of credit, corporate Finance, promoter funding and other financial arrangements etc. HARVEST FINANCE expanded its services Gujarat to Mumbai to south region like Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore. No doubt it’s new registered unit in Karnataka State under the name of HARVEST FINANCE. Our long lasting experience and our tie-ups with banks , private financiers are continue like well experienced and result oriented player in financial market since decades.We are having direct agreements with our associates with 32 banks and NBFC’s.

Our Philosophy:

HARVEST FINANCE draws upon the following principles to achieve its goals:

Respect Partners, Associates and Clients by challenging them and helping them to improve. Having a Client conductive environment, based on transference, trust and Growth.

Develop exceptional people and team who follow company’s philosophy. Grow leaders, who thoroughly understand the work, live the philosophy and teach it to others.

Right process will produce right results.

Become a learning organization through relentless reflection and continuous improvement.

Our Vision:

The vision of HARVEST FINANCE is to be the financial consultant of choice by virtue of its superior service quality.

Core Values:


Integrity and strong professional ethics are a fundamental principle followed at HARVEST. We provide honest advice to our clients and ensure confidentiality of information. Our aim to build a relationship of trust with all our clients and associates.

Sound professional advice:

Our strength lies in sound professional qualifications and expertise of our people. We provide well –informed advice to our client to enable them to meet all their financial requirements.

Passion for our clients’ success:

We’re driven by a passion to help our clients build stronger, more agile, and more innovative businesses.


We like to go down to the root cause of issues we are dealing with. We pay attention to detain and apply the greatest due diligence for all our assignment.

Solution-centric Approach:

Our focus is to provide our clients with practical and innovative financial solutions.

What we do:

HARVEST FINANCE is a financial consulting firm that offers professional financial consulting and advice to our clients. Our team has a collective experience of decades in the banking and finance industry.

We specialize in advisory n syndication of bank finance, rationalization of finance cost and trade finance solution globally. Our core strength is advising on diversified range of solutions to our clients that include corporate, trade and non-institutional fund resourcing. We enjoy healthy relations with most of the local and private banks, and multinational banks present globally.

Message from the CEO

"India has now entered a revolutionary phase and is facing off against the global giants, while at the same time, there is an abundant number of growth oppurtunities in the domestic market as well. The growth rate of the Indian economy is more than 6% today and while all the global companies are making a beeline to join this growth story, the domestic companies still hold an upper hand. It is a fact that we are more familiar with the domestic market than any other foreign company and localization is a very important factor in a business environment."
"When people talk about localization or globalization, they generally do it from the viewpoint of the west. But globalization never happens in one direction alone. While western companies are making their way to developing, a lot of Indian companies are invading the global markets. A lot of multinational brands are operating successfully in India. Also, small Indian companies established in the domestic market for 40-50 years base their businesss based on trust, honesty, ethics and fair dealings. We hope to take these values and are now ready to compete internationally."

Our Financial Products:

Retail Assets Products:

Corporate Funding::


Will Leasing Proof of Funds, Bank Instruments or an SBLC enhance my Credit?

Leasing a Proof of Funds, Bank Instrument, or SBLC may assist you in obtaining sufficient collateral for a loan or investment. If you are looking for funding or loans, lenders or investors may want to see that you have sufficient collateral or a portfolios of investments or assets to back your project. In certain situations a POF will satisfy the financier’s request and can enhance a clients credit leading towards funding approvals.

What does a POF cost?

Leasing costs for bank instruments like an SBLC, Bank Guarantee, Proof of Funds or Bank Instrument vary depending on the provider. Price is always a consideration but the instrument must meet the specifications of the party that requested it or the instrument is worthless. Remember that banks, like people, have tiered credit ratings. A Guarantee from an B rated bank will cost less than a BG from a AAA rated institution.

Harvest finance works with several asset leasing providers that can assist clients in a large range of business and ExIm trade scenarios. Cost will depend on the amount, the issuing institutional requirements, and the length of time the funds are required.

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The Honest Truth

Harvest Finance facilitates transactions for a variety of different purposes. However, more often than not, we are working with import and export companies. We can represent both buyers and sellers. Our goal is to work with your company to help complete your purchase or sale. We can work through our associates with oil trade, sugar trade, rice trade, or virtually any other legal product from chopsticks to vehicles.

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How It Works

Although no two transactions are the same, there are several things that all of these types of transactions have in common. It should go without saying that if you want to inquire or apply for a financial product with a financial institution anywhere, then a one sentence email will not suffice.

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How to get your Project Noticed

Harvest Finance receives a high volume of inquiries everyday. Almost all of the programs and investors that we utilize at Harvest Finance are looking at similar criteria. Although financing a trade or business can be complicated, in all reality getting it noticed doesn’t have to be. A large majority of the projects that gain momentum have something in common. So, what’s the secret?

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