Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Bridge loans

Commercial bridge loans from HARVEST FINANCE enable you to have access to short-term funds that bridge cash flow timing gaps allowing you or your company to execute an interim task or transaction.

For example, if you have to pay a balloon payment that’s soon to be due on an existing commercial loan, you could deal with that balloon payment until you receive permanent financing. Also, if there is only a limited time during which a particular piece of commercial property is available, you can utilize bridge financing to get that asset, then repay your bridge loan with funds from your permanent commercial mortgage. Commercial bridge loans are short-term commercial real estate financing vehicles that provide you with an option to use temporary financing until you have arrange a more permanant solution.

First Mortgage/Trust Deed Fund

HARVEST FINANCE can offer first position mortgage/trust deeds for commercial borrowers who need an alternative to a traditional bank mortgage/trust deed. Target borrowers for Commercial Bridge Loans are those who require an unconventional lending solution where funding and approval are required in a few days, or a traditional lending product is not available for their specific situation.

Commercial Bride Loan Lending Structure

Loan Type: First Mortgage/Trust Deed Commercial Bridge Loan
Property Type: Non-Owner Occupied Residential or Real Estate Backed Business Purpose Loan
Acceptable Property Types: Single Family Residences (1 to 4 Units) Multi-Family, Industrial, Commercial Office, Retail, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Hospitality and Self Storage
Purchase LTV: 65% or Less
Refinance LTV: 60% or Less
Loan Amount: $50,000 to $10,000,000
Loan Term: 12 to 24 Months – 6 to 12 month extensions are available with additional costs
Interest Rate: 9.5% to 14%
Origination Fee: 2% to 4%

Commercial Bridge Loan, Borrower Evaluation and Due Diligence

The Fund will not pursue loans if adverse findings, resulting from the due diligence process cannot be adequately compensated for.

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