Financial Products

We specialize in various fields like Home Loans, Personal Loans, Mortgage Loans, Project Financing, Retail Assets Products, Corporate Funding, Promoter Funding, Other Financial Arrangement, etc.

Business Loans

We offer a lot of unique features with business loans that are industry first and come only with our portfolio of offerings. For example, No guarantors and collaterals, Structured EMI, Preapproved Offers, Online Account Access among others.

Home Loans

We understand that a home is not just a place to stay. It is a warm little corner in the world that is yours. It is the place where you enjoy the journey called life. We help you achieve your dreams.

Personal Loans

Get a step closer to your dreams by availing our Personal Loans and meet your financial needs. You can avail a personal loan to meet unexpected expenses, college fees, wedding expenditure, or even purchase of consumer durables.

Mortgage Loans

We at Harvest Finance, offer the best rates in the country when it comes to Mortgage loans to suit the various changing needs of the customer and its a hassle free process.

Project Financing

Harvest Finance also helps in financing various types of projects without too many complications to make life easier for the customer and make the overall process much simpler.

Foreign Exchange

With simplified foreign exchange services, you have the power to travel anywhere in the world with little to worry about currency availability. Harvest Exchange brings you hassle-free currency exchange services at competitive rates.

Retail Assets Products

Retail assets in banks have grown at a much faster pace as compared to commercial assets over the past few decades. Unlike commercial exposures that are managed individually, on an exposure-by-exposure basis, retail assets, whose individual exposures at default are typically much smaller, need to be analyzed in fewer pools to be more manageable and meet regulatory guidelines.

Corporate Funding

Corporate Funding is the use of tax incentives, grants and zero/low interest loans to significantly lower your cost of capital. Tax incentives and grants are non-refundable cash injections. That means that they sink straight down to your bottom line. Zero-interest loans are the cheapest form of debt, typically unsecured with an upfront grace period.

Promoter Funding

This facility is offered to promoters against their share holding in their respective company. It enables you, as a promoter of the company, to increase your share holding or expand and diversify into other areas of business. With specialized value-adds such as speed of transaction led by disciplined TAT-driven processes and strong Chinese walls, you can be assured of quality service and utmost confidentiality.

Other Financial Arrangement

We also provide other financial arrangements such as advance against credit card receivable, advance against rent receivable, loan against properties, loans for buying properties and loans against shares.