Promoter Funding

This facility is offered to promoters against their share holding in their respective company. It enables you, as a promoter of the company, to increase your share holding or expand and diversify into other areas of business. With specialized value-adds such as speed of transaction led by disciplined TAT-driven processes and strong Chinese walls, you can be assured of quality service and utmost confidentiality. Promoter funding is offered to promoters of the companies against their share holding in their respective company. With the help of this facility the promoter can increase the share holding or use in expansion and diversification of the business.



Infrastructure Finance

HARVEST FINANCE is a leading integrated infrastructure finance player providing end to end infrastructure financing and project implementation services. The organization has focused on the commercialization and development of infrastructure projects and creation of value added financial services.

We have a distinct mandate - catalyzing the development of infrastructure in the country. The organization has focused on the commercialization and development of infrastructure projects and creation of value added financial services. Our Infrastructure Finance team caters to the specialized needs of the infrastructure sector. With an array of attractive finance options to suit the varying needs of its customers, both large and small and backed by a reputation of reliability and trust, it brings a promise of quality and world class service. Our range of offerings includes Equipment Finance, Project Finance, Equipment Rentals, Working Capital Loans, Bill Discounting/ Factoring, Refinance, Top up Loans and Loan Syndication

From concept to execution, HARVEST FINANCE houses the expertise to provide the complete array of services necessary for successful project completion: visioning, documentation, development, finance, management, technology and execution.

Our key strengths that make us preferred infrastructure finance consultants:
Though the procurement of finance for infrastructure projects is complex, highly competitive, costly and time-consuming process, we simplify and customize it, saving significantly on both time and monetary parameters.

We create a commercial framework for the infrastructure projects in such a way that it attracts the interest of-quality bidders and investors.

The calculations and workings are projected in a simple way to the prospects so as to enhance their understanding of the subject and hence increase the chances of their positive response to your infrastructure project report.

Trade Finance

Packing Credit ( Pre Shipment & Post Shipment )

HARVEST plays vital role in arrangement of packing credit without any cash margin and five times of your given security. HARVEST can get you arrange in the system of packing credit with our banks/institution which offers both Pre shipment and Post shipment credit in rupee denominated terms to exporters having firm export orders or confirmed letters of credit.

Rupee / Foreign Term Loan

HARVEST has been a aggressive in structured finance products by designing and using a wide variety of relationship channel. We can arrange Rupee term loan for our client to expand their business and to entre into growth phase by increasing their production well as we also arrange foreign currency term loan primarily for export oriented units who want to import capital goods to either diversify/expand /modernize or setup new unit to increase their competitiveness in global market at competitive interest rate.

Pre-Shipment Export Credit

Pre-shipment Credit (Packing Credit) to the exporters, for financing purchase, processing, manufacturing or packing of goods prior to shipment

Post-Shipment Export Credit

Post-shipment Credit that is any loan / advance granted or any other credit provided by SBI for purposes such as export of goods from India. It runs from the date of extending credit, after shipment of goods to the date of realization of export proceeds and includes any loan / advance granted on the security of any duty drawback allowed by the Govt. from time to time. Post-shipment credit has to be liquidated by the proceeds of export bills received from abroad in respect of goods exported.

Export Debtor Discounting ( Advance against Receivable)

Export Debtor Discounting is a service that covers the financing and collection of account receivables in domestic and international trade. Where we could look at financing your receivables from your buyers. For example you supply you Finish good to your client where you generally get payment after 60 – 90 or120 days. Though which our working capital got stuck and our cash flow get improper so we came into such arrangement where you get that credit payment on the spot from our banks/institution and you need to pay them after 60 – 90 or 120 days so that your working capital flows smoothly. This facility are available for all small as well as medium size industries who got credit sales. Arrangement can be done totally unlike to your bank facility where no security or NOC to be taken from your bank.

L.C. Discounting

As per today’s scenario the total business transaction has been back by LC where the payment are secured but still working capital get blocked as the credit terms remain the same so here HARVEST can Arrange player which discount your day today LC though which you get your payment realization on the spot.

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