Leased Bank Instruments

Bank Instrument Leasing and Leased Bank Instruments

We have exclusive access to a very large portfolio of AAA rated Bank Instruments including CD’s, MTN’s, and BG’s, from western and European banks including bulge bracket and boutique banks. We also work with off shore institutions to help suit your needs.

Bank Instruments can be specified and agreed upon by contract and are assigned in an individual or corporate name and can be used in different ways for credit enhancement. Approved clients will be assigned a quoted Bank Instrument from a major international bank, assigned directly in their name.

Transactions can be arranged at a minimum amount of $10MM (10,000,000 USD or EUR) up to $500MM ($500,000,000 USD or EUR) . Larger leased bank instruments are available and accessible upon request subject to credit and project approval. Availability funds are on a first-come first-served basis.

Depending on availability, the Bank Instrument/Collateral offered is in the form of Certificate of Debt and can be a BG ,MTN, Bond, Note, CD with delivery via Swift MT 760. Bank Instruments can also be delivered in the form of a Bank Guarantee or a Proof of Funds.

Please contact us to inquire and learn more about our services.

These services are only available for qualified clients that have the ability to pay for the services that they are requesting. These services are available for experienced professionals and sophisticated investors only.

Leased Cash Accounts with SWIFT MT 760 Block or Guarantee

HARVEST FINANCE provides complete delivery of all our banking assets via SWIFT MT-760. SWIFT MT-760 terms vary from 1 month to 1 year with extensions available with 12 months being the most common term.

Leased Banking Instruments with Swift MT 760 Delivery

In situations where a Proof of Funds (POF) account or cash collateral account require a block or guarantee on the account or funds from the applicant to a beneficiary a SWIFT MT-760 is commonly used. If merely evidence of funds or other bank-to-bank communication regarding the funds is needed a Swift MT 799 could be used in place of this.

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